A Message from our CEO Mr Zulfiqar Ali Malik

I believe that if we have passion for what we do, we are committed and do it with the highest quality whilst preserving our integrity through ethical, coherent and unquestionable conduct, then this attitude can generate lasting relationships among all stakeholders, producing sustainable results that are economically viable, socially fair and environmentally responsible.

Sustainability: impacting future generations

XL GROUPS believes that excellence in the management of economic, social and environmental aspects, has, as a result, the reduction of environmental impacts of its operations, improving the quality of life in the workplace and guaranteeing satisfactory results for its investors and shareholders.

Sustainability in XL GROUPS is based on these principles and in the Companies ‘Big Dream’

“To positively impact future generations, through global leadership ….. and respect to the planet.”

The programs and actions adopted in the Company have,
as components, economic management, consistent social responsibility policies, well-structured individual and collective protection programs, promotion of environmental education and information, as well as adoption of the best practices and technologies. All this is aimed at minimal impact on the environment.